Fordham Excels at National Council of Teachers of English convention

GSE is proud to have contributed in many ways to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) convention this past weekend.

In a session with Dr. Kristen Turner (Assistant Professor, GSE), Fordham GSE student Kathleen Riley spoke on a panel with experienced researchers entitled “Theory into Practice: My Journey with Code-Switching”, and Jeta Donovan and Eytan Apter presented findings from a research study in their talk “Online and In Step: Community, Convention, and Self-Expression.”

Dr. Marshall A. George (Associate Chair, Division of Curriculum & Teaching, and Associate Professor, GSE) was elected incoming chair of the Conference on English Education– an arm of NCTE focusing on teaching education. Additionally he recieved a seat on the Executive Committee on the NCTE and was elected to the Research Forum and cited “the architect of an exciting new cross council research initiative like none we have seen before.”

Congratulations to all that participated!



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