Human Resiliency Institute Expands "Resiliency Edge" to the West Coast

GSE’s Human Resiliency Insitute takes it’s “Resiliency Edge” training (already implemented in east coast airports such as Newark and JFK) to Los Angeles International Airport this winter. Employees will take part in an innovative customer service training program to learn “N.I.C.E.” skills as part of the training, so passengers traveling through LAX are more comfortable this holiday travel season. Resiliency Edge teaches employees the concept of N.IC.E. skills- “how to neutralize irritation (during) customer’s experience”- and offers an incentive to recognize top-performing problem-solvers.

The program is part of an overall effort by Los Angeles World Airports (LAX) to improve the airport travel experience this holiday season. LAX is the first airport on the West Cost to participate in such sessions.

Click here to read the story in USA Today.

Click here to read a story in the LA Daily Breeze.



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