Bronx Zoo Program at the NSTA

The Unique Partnership between Fordham’s Graduate School of Education and The Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo will be presented at the National Science Teachers Association conference this March in Philadelphia, at a panel presentation entitled “Improving Science Teaching & Learning Through Formal/Informal Education Partnerships.”

The presentation will highlight partnership programs that improve science education by increasing entry and retention of teachers, improving content and pedagogical knowledge of educators, exposing students to authentic science-rich environments, and building the passion needed to make science come alive in the classroom. Representatives from Fordham University, the Wildlife Conversation Society at the Bronz Zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the American Museum of natural Histroy will share the design and outscomes of their programs. Fordham professor John A. Craven and Wildlife Conservation Society’s Director of Professional Development in the Education Division, Jennell Ives, will be presenting on the MST and MSE in Biology/Conservation Life Science, which Fordham’s Graduate School of Education offers through a unique partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society.


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