3rd Annual Subway Summit on Cognition and Education

Fordham University Graduate School of Education’s Center for Learning in Unsupervised Environments (CLUE) will host the 3rd Annual Subway Summit of Cognition and Education Research on February 26th at the Fordham Lincoln Center campus. Local research faculty and graduate students from Fordham, NYU, Columbia, and CUNY will gather to share ideas and findings of their current research. Directors Dr. Mitchell Rabinowitz (Professor and Chair, GSE Division of Psychological and Education Services) and Dr. Willian Whitten (GSE, Disinguished Research Scholar) hope this intercollegiate conference will provide graduate students with a low-cost and local conference experience, while building linkages that might lead to future collaborations.


One thought on “3rd Annual Subway Summit on Cognition and Education

  1. Thanks for the info. I'm just wondering why Fordam didn't update this great information on the official website to let more people know it and participate in it. The research of Edu-psy needs more energy from people with diversified backgrounds, not just people within a small circle.


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