Dr. Terry Osborn Elected President of Society of International Language Studies

Terry A. Osborn, Professor and Chair of the Division of Curriculum and Teaching was recently elected President of the International Society for Language Studies. The Society is an interdisciplinary association of scholars from Europe, Asia, North America and South America who explore critical perspectives on language. Within these perspectives, language is understood as both shaping and being shaped by historical, political, social, and cultural contexts. Research on language from such perspectives has historically been marginalized as well as compartmentalized within artificially constructed academic disciplines. The primary purpose of ISLS is to bridge these arbitrary disciplinary territories and provide a forum for both theoretical and empirical research, from existing and emergent research methodologies, for the exploring the relationships among language, power, discourses, and social practices. The society sponsors both a bi-annual conference and an international journal, Critical Inquiry in Promoting Language Studies, published by Routledge. “The society’s goal of promoting social justice and language scholarship echo the Fordham Graduate School of Education’s commitment to the same,” says Osborn. Dr. Osborn’s term as President is 2010-2012.



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