GSE Events in the News

Finding the Other Side of the Arts in a Collaborative Juilliard Class
Students from Fordham University and Juilliard are recieving unique insight into the business of performing arts, thanks to a new academic collaboration. Bill Baker, PhD., Caludido Aquaviva Chair and Journalist in Residence at Fordham is teaching, “Understanding the Profession: The Performing Arts in the 21st Century” at Juilliard. To read the complete story click here.
Brazelton Touts Touchpoints at Young Child Expo
T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., emeritus professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, told a packed room of educators on April 9th to embrace the developmental changes that young children go through, even if those changes bring turmoil. To read more click here.

Education and Career Workshops Broadens Horizons for Bronx Middleschoolers

About 40 middle school students from the South Bronx have a greater sense of thier educational and career potential, thanks to a two-day clinic organized by Fordham’s Graduate School of Education. Students from the Hunt’s Point Alliance for Children (HPAC) attended the Career Education Mentoring Program at Fordham’s Lincoln Campus on Feb. 16th and April 6th. To read more click here.
‘Nice’ Employees Honored at Airport
Pittsburgh International employees are learning to ‘be NICE’- to Neutralize Irritations that Customer Experience– through training program offered by Fordham University’s Human Resiliency Institute. Fifty employees were honored last week for going out of their way to help passengers or co-workers. To read more click here.


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