Alumni Notes: GoodTherapy from Sarah Noel

GSE alum, Sarah Noel [FCRH ’02 (Psychology), GSE ’05 (Mental Health Counseling)] is a licensed Mental Health counselor working with teens and adults, as well as a Person-Centered Topic Expert, publishing monthly online articles for

In her most recent article, Why Does my Therapist Sound like a Parrot?,” Noel explains the Rogerian technique called restatement, which provides an opportunity for clarification. This ensures that the patient and therapist understand one another and can therefore delve deeper into the issues at hand.

“Rogers’ theory and approach to psychotherapy places such value on the client that Rogerian therapy and Client-Centered, or Person-Centered, therapy are terms that are used interchangeably. At its core, this means that clients are viewed as the experts on themselves. The therapist’s role is not to interpret clients’ experiences or make suggestions by giving them direct advice, but rather to serve as a mirror to the client, allowing them to see themselves, as they are, and to use this self-awareness to inspire changes.”

Click here to read more about Sarah (including links to her past articles), and stay tuned for new GoodTherapy article links here!



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