GSE Reflections: Ali Goldstein

As they prepare to graduate, we asked our GSE Student Ambassadors to reflect upon their experiences at Fordham and the Graduate School of Education. Ali Goldstein will receive her M.S.E. in Counseling and Personnel Services this May.“When I was accepted into Fordham’s Graduate School of Education Counseling and Personnel Services program, I didn’t know what to expect. As with any big life change, I had mixed feelings. Was I making the right decision leaving my high-paying job in Human Resources? How did I know I wanted to be a school counselor, when I had never worked in a school? What if I went through the program and discovered that in fact, I didn’t want to be a school counselor? However, what I did know was that if the program had as much of an emphasis on personal attention as there was during the admissions process, it was bound to be beneficial to me.

Once I arrived at Fordham, one of the ways I knew that I’d made the right choice was that from the very first course I took, I was surrounded by an extremely diverse group of students, of all ethnicities, race, ages, and career backgrounds. The wide array of experiences reflected in the student body made me more multi-culturally competent, which has in its turn fostered my self-awareness, knowledge and skills. Additionally, GSE’s counseling programs consist of more than just classroom lecture courses; students are taught by renowned professors in the field who instruct, and then require the class to practice what they’ve learned. This experiential model of learning, coupled with small class sizes, truly prepared me for “real world” experiences in the field.

Overall, the most unique aspect of my Fordham experience was the remarkable insight that I gained- not just as a student, or a counseling intern, or a student ambassador, or a classmate- but as a whole person. My upcoming graduation in May is a big accomplishment, but I will miss being a student here. I have a great deal of uncertainty regarding what my next steps may be (not unusual in today’s job market!), but regardless of what I wind up doing after graduation, I have no doubt that the skill sets, experience and mentors that I gained at Fordham will help me in all future endeavors.

I am looking forward to remaining connected to Fordham’s Graduate School of Education through the Alumni Association, as well as online through the GSE Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn, and most importantly, through my ongoing relationships with fellow classmates and faculty.”



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