Alumni in the News: Dr. David Wicks

The Lincoln Foundation Math & Science Program is a four week institute held at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, that engages approximately one hundred (100) high school students in a real world, laboratory setting where they conduct research and scientific investigations on local environmental issues. The Math & Science Program provides an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based curriculum that prepares students for their next grade in high school and college readiness as they develop research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills while learning about project design and how to present sustainable solutions. 

Dr. David Wicks, Ed.D. (GSE ’79) is the coordinator of the Lincoln Foundation Math and Science Program, and is also writing for the Program’s update blog.  Click here to read his latest entry.  Dr. Wicks is the owner of GoKY, an outdoor adventure company and an adjunct professor at University of Louisville. Thirty years ago ago he founded the Jefferson County Public Schools Center for Environmental Education.

To read more about the Program on the Courier-Journal Blog, click here.



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