Alumni Publications: Dr. Marie Menna Pagliaro

Marie Menna Pagliaro, Ph.D., (who received her doctorate from GSE in 1978) has just had four books published by Rowman and Littlefield:

Exemplary Classroom Questioning: Practices to Promote Thinking and Learning;
Educator or Bully? Managing the 21st Century Classroom;
Differentiating Instruction: Matching Strategies with Objectives;
Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning: Maximizing Student Achievement.

These books are in addition to her novel, That Woman and the Mafia Don, the profits of which go the help prevent young people from joining all kinds of ethnic gangs. Marie is currently a professional development consultant/coach and higher education liason at the Teacher Center of Central Westchester. She was Director of the Teacher Education Division at Dominican College, Chair of the Marymount College Education Department, Instructor and Supervisor of Student Teachers at Hunter College, and Chair of the Science Department and Teacher of chemistry, general science, and mathematics in the Westchester County public schools.

View her website for more information:  



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