Publications: Joseph Porzio On Poematics

In December 2011, Joseph A. Porzio, Team Associate for the Partnership Support Organization/Children First Network (PSO/CFN) at the Center for Educational Partnerships at GSE, published a book entitled Poematics: Learn, Understand and Enjoy Elementary School Mathematics Through Poetry
The collection offers a variety of mathematical poems designed to complement mathematical concepts and to ease the path to learning for students everywhere. Teachers may use Poematics as a means to motivate students, integrate mathematical subject matter, and formulate daily lesson plans. Poematics supports key components of the mathematical practices found in the Common Core State Standards through its focus, not only on content strands, but on process strands. It also highlights communication, connections, and representation. Poematics provides parents and educators at the elementary level with unique means to have their students meet both the academic and emotional challenges related to high achievement in mathematics.
The book is available for sale online on Barnes & or on



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