NEW Fordham Teacher Residency Scholars Program

The Fordham University Graduate School of Education is pleased to announce the NEW Fordham Teacher Residency Scholars Program in Adolescence Education! This unique Master of Science in Teaching (MST) program is available to prospective students interested in initial teacher certification in Adolescence Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Mathematics, Physics, Special Education OR Social Studies.  Combining academic coursework with a sustained residency in a classroom setting, candidates engage in clinical assignments at high needs New York City public schools, where they learn through hands-on experience how to effectively impact the growth and achievement of their students.

The 15 month scholarship-funded program* provides the following:

  • $30,000 living expense stipend
  • 20% reduction in tuition
  • $10,000 in tuition scholarship
  • Master of Science in Teaching (MST) degree and eligibility for New York State initial teacher certification
  • Job placement assistance through GSE Career Services and our community of partner schools through the GSE Partnership Support Organization/Children First Network (PSO/CFN), encompassing 31 public schools in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn

*Note: Applicants for the scholarship are required to provide a written commitment to seek employment as teachers in high-needs New York State schools following completion of the program.

We will shortly be accepting applications for the program cohort beginning in Summer 2012! Please visit our website for further information and updates.

The Office of Admissions will also be holding an Online Information Session specifically for this program on Thursday, January 26th, so that prospective students can ask academic, admissions and financial questions, and talk with key program administrators and faculty.  More information will be available shortly.

In the meantime, please contact Linda Horisk (Assistant Dean of Admissions) at 212-636-6401 or with questions about the Teacher Residency Scholars program.



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