GSE: Facts & Figures 2012

Did you know that the Graduate School of Education has been educating leaders in the fields of teaching, psychological services and education administration since 1916?

How about that we rank among the top 20 private schools of education in the United States, and second among Catholic Schools of Education (US News & World Report)?

Or that in 2011 alone, we were awarded almost $12 million in city, state and federal grants, which have helped our students and graduates to impact the lives of tens of thousands of schoolchildren In fact, GSE is a Partnership Support Organization/Children First Network (PSO/CFN) for 31 New York City schools, serving almost 17,000 students, as well as the bilingual/ESL technical assistance provider for the New York City Regional Bilingual Educational Resource Network (RBERN), serving 175,000 English language learners in New York City public schools. 

Check out the brand new 2012 edition of GSE: Facts & Figures, for more information about these and other interesting facts about the Graduate School of Education. Included is information that you may not know about our long and distinguished history, our tradition of innovation, and our community of leaders, as well as exciting ground-breaking partnerships and initiatives within the educational community.

We are proud of all that we have accomplished over the past over 80 years, and look forward to what the future holds for GSE!



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