Dr. Bill Baker On Competition in Internet-Age Media

In an article entitled “Competition Doesn’t Have To Mean A Race To The Bottom In The News Media,” Dr. Bill Baker (Claudio Aquaviva Chair of Education and Journalist in Residence) discusses 21st century changes in media coverage by major networks, and the ways in which managers can respond to the increased competition with journalistic integrity:

“Responding to the fierce competition of Internet-age media, the big three networks are changing up their nightly newscasts.  For the first time in half a century, said the New York Times, viewers can expect a different version of the day’s events from the anchors at ABC, CBS, and NBC.  The new content on offer at the big three and elsewhere in the media landscape offers a great lesson for managers in how to respond when the playing field is leveled and competition heats up.”

Click here to read the full article on the American Management Association Shift Leaderboard.



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