Alumni Publications: "Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion" By Richard Forringer (GSE ’97)

In December 2011, mathematician and educator Richard “Dick” Forringer (MSE in Curriculum &Teaching, ’97) published his second book, Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion: Two Math Projects, which was released by Signalman Publishing. 

While Symbolic Logic and the Binomial Expansion are subjects that are often mentioned in High School and College math courses, the two projects contained in this book have been carefully developed to help the student achieve a more in-depth understanding of these concepts. The projects are designed to be done independently or they can be incorporated into the curriculum of any math course from second semester algebra and beyond. Students who complete these projects will gain a stronger appreciation of what it means to think logically and they will see how two seemingly unrelated areas of study connect in ways that strengthen both.

Symbolic logic (also known as Mathematical Logic) is foundational to many fields of study such as computer science and engineering. Those who have an understanding of symbolic logic and the binomial expansion will be better prepared for further courses of study in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Click here for more information about the book.
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