GSE Joins Effort to Revamp Education Doctorate

A new initiative in GSE’s Division of Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy (ELAP) could bring extensive changes to one of the school’s doctoral programs. 

In September, ELAP was accepted into the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED),  a national effort to revamp the education doctorate, or Ed.D.  Launched in 2007, CPED comprises a consortium of colleges and universities working to update the degree to meet the current needs of school practitioners, clinical faculty, administrators and others who obtain the degree.

According to Dr. Gerald Cattaro (Division Chair, ELAP), one of the faculty members participating in CPED on behalf of GSE:

“We had either surpassed, or were as rigorous as the others, in terms of the program, but… it mimics the Ph.D. program.  What we’re looking for is something that would be clinically rich, something like an M.D., that would involve a lot of practice.”

Click here to read the full article in Inside Fordham.



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