UPDATED: Student Publications: Alessia Valfredini in the Journal of Second Language Writing

Alessia Valfredini (current GSE doctoral candidate in Language, Literacy, and Learning and Italian Language Area Coordinator in the Fordham department of Modern Languages and Literature) published a scholarly book review of Lu Horner and Paul Matsuda’s “Cross-Language Relations in Composition“this month in the Journal of Second Language Writing. 

The review, entitled “Cross-Language Relations in Composition:  Understanding the Multilingual Nature of Composition Courses,” is the result of Valfredini’s participation in the 2011 GSE Summer Institute on Multilingualism, in which Professor Aida Nevarez-LaTorre (Coordinator of the Institute, Director of the Office of Multilingual Education and Associate Professor of TESOL Education at GSE) required students to read a recently published text on a topic related to multilingualism and write a book review, which several students were invited to submit for publication in scholarly journals.

Click here to read the full review.



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