Faculty Collaborations: Dr. Kristen Turner Presents with Urban Assembly School Teachers at NCTE Conference

Kristen Turner (Assistant Professor of English Education in GSE’s Division of Curriculum and Teaching) presented at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Chicago conference in November 2011 with teachers, Rebekah Shoaf, Nina Silva, and Hanna Jones from the the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction.  SDC is located just down the street from Fordham Lincoln Center on West 50th Street, and is also a GSE Vanguard pilot school site.

Their collaborative presentation on teacher-action research around grammar was an outstanding example of the meaningful work that GSE professors consistently do with local school-teachers to bring research into practice. Conference attendee Samantha Bennett (author of That Workshop Book: New Systems and Structures for Classrooms That Read, Write and Think and co-author of Comprehension Going Forward: Where We Are And What’s Next) wrote to SDC principal Matthew Willoughby to express her appreciation:

“I was blown away by their presentation and especially by their ability to allow student thinking to shine above all else. Their focus on the power of student voice, meeting students where they are, and giving them access to power in the world through writing for real purposes and audiences blew me away.

Through their presentation on their teacher-action research around grammar, supported by Ms. Turner and their work with Fordham, they were able to remind all the teachers in the room why we should get out of bed with joy and passion everyday. Their focus on helping students be creators of tools vs. consumers of information creates the kind of energy that we desperately need to make change in our world. Nina, Rebekah, and Hanna are bright, shining models of the power of collaboration, inquiry, thinking, and care in a profession where teachers feel more beat up than empowered on a daily basis.”

Congratulations to Dr. Turner and her community school co-presentors!



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