Human Resiliency Institute in the News

GSE’s Human Resiliency Institute Edge4Vets program continues to make strong progress in its effort to help veterans create successful “military to school” transitions.  On February 15th, BusinessWeek profiled Edge4Vets, and explains how the program helps vets turn their strengths from military service into “tools” for civilian life– beginning with school:

“Fordham University in New York is becoming a magnet for veterans. Less than three years ago, it had 30 on campus. Now there are 300, according to the school.  The growth spawned a pilot program last year specifically designed to help veterans acclimate. Edge4Vets, formed by veterans and Tom Murphy, Director of the Graduate School of Education’s Human Resiliency Institute, gives ex-soldiers the confidence and skills to use their service to their advantage.”

Tom Murphy and Edge4Vets were also featured in today’s Garden City News Online, in a story regarding the partnership between Murphy and Terry Quinlan (now a Garden City lawyer), both of whom attended Brooklyn Prep and were members of the school’s 1965 championship cross-country track team there- and now work together to promote Edge4Vets at other schools in the CUNY system, including Medgar Evers College.
Click here to read the full story.



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