NEW Ph.D. in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR)

The Fordham University Graduate School of Education is pleased to announce our NEW Ph.D. in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR)!

CLAIR is a distinctive and innovative doctoral experience, dedicated to exploring new solutions that address the multiple challenges of 21st century learning and education in a technologically complex, globalized world. Focused around a three-year research course sequence that engages students in real investigative situations, this unique program at Fordham provides a model for interdisciplinary collaboration amongst research scholars.

In addition, students in CLAIR will gain expertise in one of four specialization areas that center on learning and schooling in the 21st century:

  • Contemporary Literacy: Explores literacy and learning in a contemporary world
  • Learning Sciences: Applies cognitive, developmental, and motivational science to understand emerging learning technologies
  • Language, Culture, and Equity: Examines impact of equity and excellence in education
  • Special Education: Explores contemporary interventions for students at risk or with disabilities

Graduates of the program are prepared for a variety of roles including: 
     Instructional leaders
     Teacher educators
     Program evaluators
     Educational researchers
     Diversity trainers/multicultural educators
     Professionals who work in industries that design educational materials, curriculum and assessments

We are currently accepting applications to CLAIR for Fall 2012.  Please visit our website for further information about the program, faculty, courses, admissions and financial aid- or click here to apply today!

To assist you in finding out more about this exceptional learning experience, we would like to invite prospective students to join us for an In-Person or Online Information Session:
          Wednesday, March 14th         
          Tuesday, April 17th
          Wednesday, March 28th (@Lincoln Center)
Click here for further information on any of these sessions. Please RSVP to Linda Horisk (Assistant Dean of Admissions) at



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