GSE Student Research: Matthew Mandelbaum on Math Achievement at APS Convention

Matthew Mandelbaum, a current doctoral student in Educational Psychology at GSE, presented his poster session research at the 23rd Annual Association for Psychological Science (APS) Convention in Washington D.C.  The session was entitled “Mastery, Need for Cognition, and Self-Efficacy Promote Long-Term Math Achievement in Adolescent Females.” 

Mandelbaum’s research shows that “growing” is better than “showing” when it comes to learning math.  To figure out how students learn math effectively, he looked at the learning progress of high school girls over the course of one semester to determine how the their cumulative math exam grades were related to various factors, including previous grades, confidence, whether the girls wanted to engage in complex thinking processes, and whether the girls were interested in mastery (growing their math knowledge) versus performance (showing their skills).

Click here to read more on the APS Convention Video Blog.



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