Human Resiliency Institute: Edge4Vets N.I.C.E. Training at JFK Airport

GSE’s Human Resiliency Institute Edge4Vets programcontinues to make strong progress in its effort to help veterans create successful “military to school” transitions.  Today, John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City will roll out a new program, just in time for the busy summer travel season. Called Edge4Vets N.I.C.E. Corps, the program plans to use the skills of military veterans to help alleviate passenger frustrations at the airport. It takes airport employees who are also veterans and gives them N.I.C.E. (Neutralize Irritations Customers Experience) training.

The pilot program was designed by Tom Murphy, director of the Human Resiliency institute at Fordham GSE.  He said the program would initially be in Terminal 4, and has 30 trained problem solvers ready to help. “What travelers want most,” he said, “is for someone to care when things go wrong. They want someone who will step up and help.”  Veterans employed at a variety of airport companies – even airlines like JetBlue, Delta and American Airlines, and agencies like TSA– have signed up for the training.

Click the links below to read news stories and view video of this event:
NY Daily News
ABC News
USA Today
Queens Chronicle

Dawn Jolly, a Fordham student/vet and coordinator for the
N.I.C.E. Corps, leads a customer service discussion with
veterans at JFK.


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