Graduation Reflections

Left to right:
Kirsten Graham and Alyse La Rue
GSE Class of 2012

As they prepared to graduate, we asked our GSE Student Ambassadors and Graduate Assistants to reflect on their experiences at Fordham and at the Graduate School of Education.  Alyse La Rue received an M.S.E. in Mental Health Counseling this May.

My time at Fordham was more than just the achievement of a master’s degree- it was a time of personal growth as well. I began the Mental Health Counseling program unsure of what I had just gotten myself into, but I am leaving with a deep knowledge of my field and myself, friends and faculty that will be colleagues in the future, and as a leader. When I first came to Fordham I really didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous; did I do the right thing going back to school?  Was this degree going to to get me where I wanted to go? Could I really become a therapist?  I chose Fordham because I knew I wanted a top-notch education, and when I left Admissions events I felt as if I had gotten a big hug.

Once I began the program, I realized that support I felt from the Office of Admissions continued.  When I felt insecure about  whether I would be a good counselor, my professors and classmates were there to support my growth. When my classmate Kirsten Graham and I thought that the counseling program would benefit from a student organization, we were welcomed with open arms and supported through the entire process of developing the Student Association of Mental Health Counselors (SAM).  In addition to support, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills both in the classroom and at my internship that have left me feeling well prepared as I enter the workforce.  Beyond counseling skills, I gained a better understanding of myself; who I was, and why I was going into this field. 
While I am excited to see where my career will take me, a part of me is sad to say goodbye to Fordham.  I look forward to staying connected with classmates and faculty as we all move on to the next phase of our lives.


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