Faculty in the News: Dr. Fran Blumberg on Kinect Sesame Street TV

An Associated Press article shared through Yahoo News features Dr. Fran Blumberg (GSE Professor of Counseling Psychology and CLAIR) commenting on the newly released “Kinect Sesame Street TV,” an XBox 360 interactive children’s program that allows players to share in the experience through visual and physical interactions with characters of Sesame Street. The article, by Barbara Ortutay, entitled Sesame Street’s Next Chapter on the Kinect: Elmo Talks Back and Grover Counts With You” discusses the purpose of the interactive program and conveys some of the professional and consumer reactions to it. 

“This kind of “transfer” — learning something in one context and translating it to another context, is a “holy grail” for Sesame Street, said Dr. Blumberg. “Sesame has been wildly successful,” she says, “The question is whether it will be enhanced with this new game.” 

Click here to read the full article.



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