Reminder & Additions to Fall Online Information Sessions

This fall, the GSE Office of Admissions invites prospective students and applicants to join us for both general and program-based Online Information Sessions.  Our goal is to give you the opportunity to “meet” with admissions personnel, program faculty, and current students. Attendees will be able to ask academic, admissions, student life and financial aid-related questions.

October 11th:
     Ph.D. in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research
October 12th & 23rd:
     Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology
October 16th & 17th:
     Teacher Education & Psychological and Educational Services
*NEW* October 22nd & November 29th:
     Ph.D. and P.D. in School Psychology
October 29th:
     MSE in School Counseling
October 30th:
MSE in Mental Health Counseling

Click here for further information regarding all of these sessions, including times, online meeting links and RSVP.



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