GSE Faculty and Student Publications, Honors & Presentations

GSE is pleased to celebrate the recent achievements of the students and faculty in our Division of Psychological and Educational Services!

Student Publications:
  • Greg Welikson, a second-year student in the Counseling Psychology Doctoral program, co-authored “An Investigation of Process Variables in Feminist Group Clinical Supervision” in the June 2012 edition of The Counseling Psychologist.  Click here for the online version of the article.
  • Rebecca Tesser, a 5th-year doctoral student in the School Psychology program, co-authored “The Yale-Brown-Cornell Eating Disorders Scale Self-Report Questionnaire: A New, Efficient Tool for Clinicians and Researchers” in the April 2012 edition of the International Journal of Eating Disorders.  Click here for the online version of the article.
  • Joseph Giardino, a doctoral student in theCounseling Psychology program, published “Muscle Dysmorphia Symptomatology: A Cross-Cultural Study in Mexico and the United States” in the Spring 2012 edition of the International Journal of Men’s Health.  Click here for the online version of the article.
Student Presentations:
  • Joseph Giardino recently presented the following posters:
    • The Experiences of Bariatric Patients in the First Year Post-Surgery” at the Assocation for Psychological Science‘s 24th Annual Greater New York Conference on Behavioral Research, which was held on October 21st in New York City.
  • Francesco Nasso, a first-year student in the Mental Health Counseling Program, presented a poster at the Fall 2012 New England Psychological Association (NEPA) conference in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The poster, titled, “The Effect of Transitional Programs on Scholastic and Functional Living Skills in Children with Autism” was coauthored by Dr. David Glenwick and Dr. Mark Mattson.
Faculty Publications:
  • Dr. Margo Jackson, Division Chair and Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, has the following publications in press:

    • “Counseling Older Workers Confronting Ageist Stereotypes and Discrimination, ” a chapter in the forthcoming  Ageism and Mistreatment of Older Workers (Springer, December 2012).

    • “Current Professional Issues in Vocational Psychology” in the Handbook of Vocational Psychology.
  • Dr. Melissa Laracuenta was interviewed last week for an article in Cosmopolitan for Latinas on the topic of romantic relationships and how to handle various situations.  It will be published sometime in the next few months, and they may consult with her on a semi-regular basis regarding this topic. 
Faculty Presentations:
  • Dr. Margo Jackson make a presentation entitled “Integrating Master’s Counselor Training with Doctoral Training in Counseling Psychology” at a symposium at the 2012 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, which was held in August in Orlando, Florida.
  • The New York Association of School Psychologists (NYASP) Annual Conference was held October 25th-27th in Niagara Falls, New York:
    • Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly served as an exhibitor for Yoga 4 Classrooms, a yoga and mindfulness-based program specifically designed for the classroom environment. Dr. Kiraly also led morning yoga sessions for conference attendees, assisted by School Psychology doctoral student Emily Rentz
    • Dr. Vincent Alfonso presented on “Early Childhood Assessment: Important Considerations for Diverse and Underserved Populations” at the conference.   Dr. Alfonso and SASP Membership Chair and School Psychology doctoral student Cait Hynes also served as exhibitors at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) table, providing attendees with materials and information about membership.
  • The NASP Northeast Leadership Regional Meeting was held November 2nd- 4th in Portland, Maine.
    • Dr. Vincent Alfonso was in attendance as the New York State delegate and gave a presentation for attendees on Cross-Battery Assessment for SLD Identification and Intervention.
Student and Faculty Presentations:

  • With student research team members in our doctoral program in Counseling Psychlogy Naoko Hashimoto, Yolanda Holland, Kourtney Bennett, Greg Welikson and Esther Fingerhut, and now-alumna of our program in Mental Health Counseling, Karina Cole, M.S.Ed., Dr. Margo Jackson presented a poster titled “STEM Self-Efficacy Sources in Urban Youth’s Career-Related Success Learning Experiences” at the 2012 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in August in Orlando, Florida.


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