Dr. Mitchell Rabinowitz on Guided Cognition and Homework in France

In a December 4th article on TakePart.com discussing French President François Hollande’s proposal to reform the French educational system and ban homework in the country, Dr. Mitchell Rabinowitz (Professor, Division of Psychological and Educational Services at GSE) was consulted as an expert in the field.  With his research partner, Dr. William B. Whitten, Dr. Rabinowitz is currently studying homework design to promote effective cognitive processes that enhance memory and learning:

“Homework provides the opportunity to practice, but only if it is designed to engage the students and allow them to process information in a meaningful way,” Rabinowitz said in an interview. “There is substantial research on how to design effective instruction, but until recently little research on how to design effective homework. Our research shows significant benefits from completing well-designed homework. If you give poorly designed homework, it won’t help much and will be a waste of time.”

Click here to read the full article on TakePart.com Education.



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