Human Resiliency Institute and Edge4Vets in the News

GSE’s Human Resiliency Institute Edge4Vets program continues to make strong progress in its effort to help veterans create successful “military to school” transitions.  On December 7th, Charles Menges, a Garden City resident and Principal at Bernstein Global Wealth Management, played host to give 35 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans a chance to work with 35 New York business leaders at Bernstein headquarters in Manhattan as part of the program.  

Menges, who serves on the President’s Council at Fordham, and his staff led the effort to recruit business leaders for the workshop, including enlisting professionals from the VOWS Banks (Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Goldman, CITI and Credit Swisse,) Pfizer, the NYAC, Blackstone, HBO, and Barclays, in addition to Knight.. The mentors worked one-on one with vets to confirm for them the “edge” their strong core principles and skills they developed in the military give them in the civilian workplace of the future.

Click here to read the full article in the Garden City News.



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