Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates and Events


On February 15th and 16th, students and an alum from GSE’s Counseling Psychology program, along with faculty member Dr. Margo Jackson, presented research at the 30th Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education at Teachers College of Columbia University in New York City.

Poster Presentations:

  • Holder, A. M. B. and Jackson, M. A. (2013, February). Experiences of racial microaggressions and coping strategies of Black women in corporate America. 
Paper Presentations:

  • Gwak, S. A. A., Chen, Y., Huang, J., Deshpande, A., and Lau, M. Y. (2013, February).  Intersecting identities in Asian Americans: Lessons learned about empowerment and becoming change agents.
  • Cheng, M., Dunn, M. G., Cho, J., Chambers, C., and Ling, T. (2013, February). Investigating effective training modalities on racial ethnic microaggressions. 


  • Orbé –Austin, R., Whitten, L., and Ukonu, A.  The NIA Project: A pipeline and leadership development program. (2013, February).
Margo Jackson, Ph.D., and Cindy Juntunen, Ph.D. (University of North Dakota), Co-Chairs of a Joint Special Task Group of the Society of Counseling Psychology and Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs, gave a presentation on February 8th at the 2013 CCPTP Midwinter Conference in Lost Pines, TX on “Specifying Counseling Psychology Competencies.”

New York State Mandated Workshops

  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting Workshop                                                         March 11th-location TBA, 6:00pm-9:45pm
  • Schools Against Violence Education Workshop                                                                  March 15th-The South Lounge, 6:00pm-9:45pm

Fordham students must fill out an add/drop form. The cost of each workshop is $65 for Fordham students, and it will be charged to their student accounts. The cost of each workshop is $115 for non-Fordham students.

For further information or with questions, email SCECevents@fordham.edu or call at 212-636-6483.


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