Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates

GSE is pleased to celebrate the recent achievements of the students and faculty in our Division of Psychological and Educational Services!

Faculty and Student Publication:

  • Along with Dr.Fran Blumberg, PES students Lizzie Altschuler (Counseling Psychology), Debby Almonte (Educational Psychology), and Max Mileaf (Mental Health Counseling) have a chapter in press, titled “The Impact of Recreational Video Game Play on Children and Adolescents’ Cognition,” to appear in the forthcoming book, New Directions in Child and Adolescent Development (March 2013)
Faculty Publication:
  • Dr. Yi Ding published “The Effects of Visual-Chunking-Representation Accommodation on Geometry Testing for Students with Math Disabilities” in the November 2012 issue of Learning Disabilities Research & Practice.  Click here for an online version of the article.
Faculty Presentations:
  • The 32nd Fordham Symposium on Graduate School in Psychology was held at the Lincoln Center campus on November 29, 2012. Attendees were undergraduate students and others interested in graduate psychology programs at Fordham University. A panel of student association leaders and faculty members gave presentations of program information and career development resources and strategies to prepare for competitive applications to graduate education in psychology, including Dr. Margo Jackson, division chair.  Dr. Harold Takooshian coordinated the symposium, which was hosted by the psychology faculty of Fordham College atLincoln Center (FCLC), Psychology Association, and Psi Chi, with support from a FCLC Dean’s Challenge Grant.

One thought on “Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates

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