GSE Student Witnesses History at the Vatican

As a result of a delayed flight from Vatican City, Craig Smith, a Ph.D. student in Administration and Supervision at the Center for Catholic School Leadership and Faith-Based Education had the unique opportunity to witness history unfold from St. Peter’s Square as news of the newly elected pope, Francis I, was announced. 
“This is a day I will never forget,” Smith said. “To be there, in St. Peter’s Square, is to catch a snapshot of the richness of the Catholic Church. I stood, side by side, with men and women from all over the globe. A priest from Toronto, a nun from Guadalajara, a middle-aged married couple from Houston and even a few local Italian lay men and we were all together—praying, laughing, sharing our faith.
“When we saw that white smoke, hugs, laughter and joy took over. And then we met our Holy Father Francis I and we all as one Church, one voice and one community prayed those prayers so dear to Catholics throughout the world. Now those were truly precious moments.”
To read the full article in the Rancho Santa Maria Patch, click here


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