Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates

GSE is pleased to celebrate the recent achievements of the students and faculty in our Division of Psychological and Educational Services!

Faculty Publication:

Dr. Yi Ding of the School Psychology Program published “Visual Skills and Chinese Reading Acquisition: A Meta-Analysis of Correlation Evidence” in the March 2014 edition of Educational Psychology Review.

Student Presentations:
Counseling Psychology doctoral students Jill Huang and Jane Berkman had two research projects accepted to the 2013 American Psychological Association Convention, to be held this July and August in Honolulu, Hawaii: Fostering Allied Relationships between Heterosexual Siblings and LGB Individuals, and  Heterosexual Siblings Navigating the Coming Out Process: “I’m Cool, Special, Different.”

Student and Faculty Publication:
Dr. Giselle Esquivel of the School Psychology program, along with Sangwon Kim, Eavan Miles-Mason and Choong Yuk Kim, published “Religiosity/Spirituality and Life Satisfaction in Korean American Adolescents” in the February 2013 edition of Psychology Of Religion And Spirituality.

Student and Faculty Presentations:

On February 18-21, 2013, a number of students and faculty participated in the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington.
  • Dr. Yi Ding and doctoral student Susie Kozelka of the School Psychology Program, along with Dr. Su-Je Cho of the Division of Curriculum & Teaching, presented a paper entitled Train Bilingual School Psychologists to Serve in Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Katelin Fitzpatrick, a School Psychology student, facilitated a Partners in Education session titled Check-in/Check-out: A Tier Two Behavioral Intervention at the Elementary Level.
  • Dr. Vincent Alfonso of the School Psychology program presented two Mini-Skills workshops: Cross-Battery Assessment for Intervention in Referrals for Suspected SLD and Evaluation of the SLD Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses.
  •             Counseling Psychology student Riley Nickols recently presented results from his dissertation, entitled The Relationship Between Self-Confidence and Interpretation of Competitive Anxiety Before and After Competition, with his mentor Dr. Fran Blumberg at the Eastern Psychological Association conference in New York City. 

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