Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates: Spring 2013

GSE is pleased to celebrate the recent achievements of the students and faculty in our Division of Psychological and Educational Services!  We look forward to sharing many more exciting successes and accomplishments with you in Fall 2013.

Alumni Award:

Counseling Psychology alum Danielle Magaldi-Dopman, Ph.D. received a distinguished new faculty award (nominated by Lehman College) through the International Conference of Teaching and Learning.  As part of that award, she had the opportunity to share her research and meet Dr. Philip Zimbardo of the Stanford Prison Experiment.  Dr. Magaldi-Dopman extends special thanks to her former mentors at Fordham University, Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor and Dr. Joe Ponterotto

Student Awards:

Counseling Psychology doctoral student Aziza Platt was selected as a recipient of The Roothbert Fund, Inc. Scholarship and received an additional designation as a Bloom-Feshbach Fellow in honor of psychiatrist Jonathan Bloom-Feshback. She was also selected as a recipient of the 2013 J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund

Student and Faculty Publication:
Counseling Psychology faculty member Dr. Joseph Ponterotto and doctoral student Jason Reynolds co-authored a biographical profile of Bobby Fischer in Oxford University Press’s prestigious “American National Biography On-Line.”  Click here to read the full biography. 

Student and Faculty Presentations:
Last month, various PES faculty members and students presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) held in San Francisco, CA:  

  • H.B. Matos-Elefonte, Dr. John Houtz, Dr. Thanos Patelis, and E. Selby presented a poster entitled Problem-Solving Styles, Learning Behaviors and Attitudes, and Mathematics Performance. 
  • Dr. Akane Zusho presented a roundtable session entitled Achievement Goals in Context.
  • Drs. Rhonda Bondie, Akane Zusho, Marshall George and S. Turco presented a poster entitled Making Differentiated Instruction Sustainable Through Online Self-Regulated Learning and Structured Choice

Dr. Mitchell Rabinowitz will give the following presentations, including one with co-presenter and Educational Psychology alum Dr. Lindsay Blau Portnoy, at the upcoming Association for Psychological Science and European Association for Research and Learning conferences:



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