Commencement 2013 GSE Student Achiever: Andrea Gervais

As part of Inside Fordham’s Special Commencement Edition, graduating students from each of the undergraduate and graduate schools at Fordham are profiled in “Faces in the Class of 2013.” This year, the Graduate School of Education chose Andrea Gervais, who received her M.S.T. in Adolescence Biology (Grades 7-12) with an additional certification in Special Education, at this past weekend’s Commencement ceremony.

Gervais originally aimed for a career in health and medicine, majoring in genetics at the University of Minnesota, and coming to New York to work as a public health researcher, studying the impact of prenatal care and pregnancy education on the lives of pregnant teens in Brooklyn and the Bronx.  However, after seeing the difference that the right information and support made for vulnerable young women, she was turned on to something new—in her words, “working with young people and being involved in education, and someone’s well-being.” She decided to become a teacher, an ambition she pursed through GSE over the past several years.

Click here to read Gervais’s profile, “GSE Grad Launches New Career as Science Educator.” 



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