Catholic Colleges Call for Renewal of Catholic Elementary and Secondary Education

In June, GSE Dean James Hennessy, Ph.D. met with the deans of education from 18 other major Catholic universities at St. John’s University in New York to discuss the pressing need to support and sustain K-12 Catholic education. 

Never before have higher education administrators united behind such a “game-changing” effort to support the lower grades, recognizing the contribution Catholic schooling has made to the church and the nation. Concerned that these opportunities may be slipping away during our time, the deans agreed that meeting the challenges of federal and state reforms, as well as providing the research and practice that would retain Catholic school values and commitment to social justice is paramount. 

The deans expressed concern for the needs of new immigrant families and underserved groups of all faiths and discussed how they can be addressed through changing congressional policies and a reconsideration of church and state relationships. The group will issue a position paper in the near future, making these concerns public beyond their local dioceses to its widest distribution at the national level.

Click here to read the full article and to see a complete list of the deans in attendance. 



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