NYC DOE Office of New Schools Seeking Talented Leaders to Open New Schools

The New York City Department of Education Office of New Schools is providing an unprecedented opportunity and level of support to talented educators who aspire to open new district schools in 2014.

The strongest candidates:

  • Have a deep commitment to serving ALL children, particularly the hardest-to-serve
  • A clear vision for a successful school and an instructional model to support it
  • Are able to build structures to support the vision
  • Have successfully led adults and teams in an academic initiative
  • Have improved academic performance as a result of a change s/he has initiated
  • Are able to take and give critical feedback
  • Can communicate complex ideas clearly- in writing as well as orally
*Applicants must hold their SBL (or its equivalent) by June 30, 2014.
The fall 2013 selection process will begin September 23rd and will include:
  • Proposal of a school model in-line with candidate’s own vision
  • Group sessions where candidates will be assessed on their ability to:
    • Analyze instruction and plan professional development
    • Effectively communicate their vision for a high-quality school
    • Participate in an un-moderated group discussion with their fellow candidates
  • A school visit involving critique of classroom instruction
  • Revisions of proposal taking into account feedback from ONS representatives
  • A panel interview with representatives from across the DOE, which may lead to new school approval

To learn more, prospective candidates should:

  • Visit the ONS website to RSVP for an upcoming information session, learn more about the fall process, and submit your application, available August 19th
  • Contact the ONS team at or 212-374-0278
  • Click here to view information session dates and locations.

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