Alumni News: Mary Mulvihill (’94) Heads Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Mary Mulvihill (GBA ’76, GSE ’94) has been making great efforts and dreaming big since she took on the role of executive director of the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center on Manhattan’s West Side a little over a year ago. The Center serves residents of the area’s New York City Housing Authority development and offers free public events, such as concerts and block parties, a dining hall where senior citizens can go to eat lunch, a daycare center, and program rooms, where local students can get homework help and take enrichment classes.

Mulvihill (who earned her Ed.D. at GSE while working as an associate dean in the undergraduate business school) hopes to revitalize the center through increased funding and the introduction of additional programs that provide standardized test preparation for students, dance and art classes for all residents, and employment preparation for the long-term unemployed (through a partnership with the Grace Institute).  “If we can turn the center around, we can affect many more people’s lives,” she said.

Click here to read more about Mulvihill’s goals for the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center in the Fall 2013 edition of Fordham Magazine (page 37).



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