Faculty in the News: Dean James Hennessy, Dr. Kathleen Cashin, and Dr. Bruce Cooper

Kathleen M. Cashin, Ed.Dpublished an article with Bruce S. Cooper, Ph.D. in the October 2nd issue of Education Week, entitled Remaking Schools as Socioemotional Places, on the importance of incorporating the interpersonal, affective components of learning with the typical test-preparation, cognitive process. 

“We argue for the reinstatement of the dimensions of education—what was once called, in the educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom’s words, “the affective domain,” where teachers built into a lesson and the curriculum the human feelings, needs, and aspirations of their students, along with the cognitive demands of the learning experience.” 

Dr. Cashin serves on the New York state board of regents and is a clinical professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education, and Dr. Cooper is a professor of Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy at GSE.
Click here to read the full article.

Dean James J. Hennessy was mentioned in an Ed in the Apple article entitled Who Will de Blasio Appoint to the Panel for Educational Priorities (PEP), the School Board?, as an example of a highly respected educational leader recommended to serve as a board member with the de Blasio administration to create educational policies that support children and families. 

“I would suggest people of the caliber of David Jones, Community Service Society, James Hennessy, Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University…”

Click here to read the full article.



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