Student Publications: Cait Hynes on Hurricane Sandy

With the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy upon us, Cait Hynes, a current student in the School Psychology doctoral program and Membership Chair of the 2013 Student Affiliates of School Psychology (SASP- Division 16) Executive Board wrote an article reflecting on her experiences during the storm and her family’s efforts to overcome losing their home in Rockaway, Queens and pick up the pieces over the past year.

“There were days when I felt so overwhelmed I thought I couldn’t keep going, moments when I angrily asked God how much more I was expected to deal with, and situations where I felt myself losing patience with people who expressed surprise that we weren’t ‘back to normal.’  As a psychology doctoral student, I could objectively recognize that all of these are normal emotions to experience after a loss or tragedy. But as someone caught in the middle of them, I was ashamed of my own weaknesses and the times I failed to focus on the blessings I have in my life. It’s no easy feat to embrace your vulnerability, but over the past months I have learned that admitting my own human weaknesses has allowed me to open myself up and experience God’s love through others on a different level.”

Cait and her family are hoping to spend Thanksgiving together in their home this year, and GSE wishes them all the best as they move forward!
Click here to read the full article.



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