Division of Psychological and Educational Services Student and Faculty Updates

GSE is pleased to celebrate the recent achievements of the students and faculty in our Division of Psychological and Educational Services!  

Student and Faculty Presentations:
First-year School Psychology doctoral student Jason S. Frydman gave a presentation, titled Drama Therapy in the Schools: A Discussion with the A.L.I.V.E. Programalongside his co-workers from the Post-Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, CT at the North American Drama Therapy Association’s Annual International Conference in Montreal, QC, Canada on Sept. 28, 2013. 
As part of the Counseling Program’s “Psychobiography Research Team,” Mental Health Counseling student Samantha Morel led a poster presentation on “Psychobiography Training in Psychology” with Counseling Psychology student Jason Reynoldsand Dr. Joseph Ponterotto  at the Northeast Conference for Teachers of Psychology in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
The study identified psychobiography courses nationwide and also content analyzed 58 recent doctoral dissertations in psychobiography to discern leading theories and methodologies used to guide the research.

·        Dr. Amelio D’Onofrio presented on “Developing a Trauma-Informed Counseling Approach” at the Westchester County Guidance Expo on Monday October 21, 2013.
Student, Faculty and Alumni Publications:
Counseling Psychology student Jason Reynolds and colleague Dr. Joseph Ponterotto published Bobby Fischer in Socio-Cultural Perspective: Application of Hiller’s (2011) Multi-Layered Chronological Chart Methodology in the October issue of The Qualitative Report In this article, the authors adapted research tools used in history and biography for the psychological study of former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer.

 Counseling Psychology alum Dr. Danielle Magaldi-Dopman and Dr. Jennie Park-Taylor co-authored a publication, titled Sacred Adolescence: Practical Suggestions for Psychologists Working with Adolescents’ Religious and Spiritual Identity in the Spirituality in Clinical Practice journal. 
Psychobiography research team member, Dr. Joseph Ponterotto, published Case Study in Psychobiographical Ethics: Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion in the October issue of the Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research EthicsThe study focused on thorny ethical issues and dilemmas that emerged in his four-year study of Bobby Fischer. 


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