Recognition for Dr. Nevárez-La Torre and the TESOL Track 1 Program

Dr. Nevárez-LaTorre Receives 2014 Gladys Correa Memorial Award

Dr. Aida Nevárez-La Torre received the New York State Association for Bilingual Education 2014 Gladys Correa Memorial Award, which recognizes an educator working to enrich bilingual education regionally and nationally.

In addition to her role as Associate Professor and coordinator of Multilingual Education Programs in the Division of Curriculum and Teaching, Dr. Nevárez-La Torre is the Senior Editor of the Journal of Multingual Education Research and developed the first Bilingual Educator Professional Standards in New York State.

Her current research focuses on multilingual education, multilingual literacy, and teacher inquiry. Dr. Nevárez-La Torre recently published an article in Cuaderno de Investigacion, “Necessary Ideological Shifts in Teaching Language.”

Congratulations, Dr. Nevárez-LaTorre!

TESOL Track 1 Recognized by NCATE/TESOL Program Review

This year marks the second consecutive term Fordham GSE’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): Track 1 has received National Recognition from NCATE/TESOL program review.

This program review is part of a larger accreditation process for schools of education. To receive this honor, institutions must demonstrate that their TESOL program has an assessment system that verifies candidates’ content knowledge, professional and and pedagogical knowledge, and dispositions in order to teach emergent bilinguals.



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