Teacher Education Scholarship Opportunities

GSE is offering teacher education scholarships for

Early Childhood Special Education Scholarship Program: EEL Project

The EEL Project scholarship is a federally funded scholarship program designed for certified early childhood teachers who seek to become educators and leaders in the early childhood special education field.

Students will gain knowledge and skills in

  • early identification and intervention,
  • differentiated instruction,
  • IFSP (individualized family service plan)
  • IEP (individualized education program) development,
  • emergent literacy and math,
  • inclusion,
  • family-centered practice,
  • assessment,
  • collaborative consultation, and
  • culturally and linguistically appropriate and responsive instructional and assessment practices in inclusive early childhood special education settings.

Students will earn an MSE in Early Childhood Special Education.

Project Director
Dr. Chun Zhang

Admissions Office
Linda Horisk
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Services

Teacher Residency Scholars Program (TRIP)

The TRIP program is designed to help aspiring middle and high school teachers make a difference, for their students and for themselves.

Combining academic coursework with a sustained residency in a classroom setting, candidates engage in clinical assignments at high needs New York City public schools, where they learn through hands-on experience how to effectively impact the growth and achievement of their students.

Students will earn an MST in

  • Adolescence Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics, or Physics, or
  • Exceptional Adolescents with Subject Area Extensions: English Language Arts, or Social Studies.

Dr. Patricia Shea-Bischoff
Clinical Professor of Education
(212) 636-7545

Linda Horisk
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Enrollment Services
(212) 636-6401



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