Bilingual Special Education Summer Institute: a Q&A with Dr. Diane Rodriguez

Dr. Diane Rodriguez

The Bilingual Special Education Summer Institute, under the direction of Dr. Diane Rodriguez, will run July 1-3 and 7-8, 2014. Dr. Rodriguez recently discussed the Institute, bilingual special education, and her advice for prospective students. Learn more and register.

Can you tell us about the Institute?

The Bilingual Special Education Summer Institute will explore issues of bilingual special education in urban schools.

This five-day institute will provide an overview, through readings, interactive presentations, and interdisciplinary projects, of the current research-based knowledge.

 It will expand participants’ understanding of best educational configurations to sustain and enrich the schooling and learning processes of bilingual special education learners. Register.

What is Bilingual Special Education?

A bilingual special education learner is a student who is eligible for both special education, bilingual or English as a Second language or bilingual education instructional services.

There are a significant number of bilingual special education students. In New York City, the bilingual special education population is over-represented at approximately 22%.

Why is Bilingual Special Education important to teachers, students, parents, and the community?

Preparing bilingual special education personnel, especially teachers, is vital in helping teachers to address Common Core standards and assessment challenges of the English language learner with special needs.

Research shows that teachers working in urban settings must be prepared to implement both theoretically sound and culturally responsive teaching because their students are extremely diverse in culture, language, ability/disability, and socioeconomic status.

What programs and services are offered during the Institute?

The Bilingual Special Education Institute will offer learning through interactive presentations, interdisciplinary projects, extended explorations, and thematic discussions from multiple viewpoints presented concurrently.

These types of learning opportunities are not readily accessible through traditional courses offered during the regular semester. Bringing together experts from around the nation and local universities will enhance Fordham GSE’s visibility and recognition as a center for the study, especially in the field of bilingual special education.

Who should attend the Institute?

We will have valuable information for any educators, teachers, administrators, counselors, and psychologists.

Participants will explore professional collaboration as a vehicle to strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge creation and professional growth.

What benefits do participants get from attending the Institute?

The Institute will expose master and doctoral students, in-service teachers, school psychologists and counselors to recognized scholars that will discuss bilingual special education as a dynamic and complex process including the instruction, assessment, academic achievement, cultural and linguistic characteristics of bilingual learners with disabilities.

How are current GSE students involved in the Institute?

GSE students are registering in the following 3 credits courses:

What advice do you have for future GSE students.

There is a Fordham motto I find particularly true, “Fordham is my school. NY is my campus.” Future GSE students should know that they will have a great educational experience.

Learn more about the Bilingual Special Education Institute.



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