From Selfies to Service: The Power of Civic Engagement

Florina Rodov ’07

Florina Rodov ’07 is a entrepreneur, teacher, and writer. She is also co-founder of Authentic Manhattan, a high school for gifted students that will open in 2016.

Her recent article on Edutopia is excerpted below. Read the full post.

All across America, young people are in crisis as they parade themselves on social media and chase superficial definitions of success. 

Simultaneously, Millennials’ civic engagement is lower than that of previous generations, according to Jean Twenge’s study in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, because they “are focusing more on money, image, and fame.” 

While they are more likely to volunteer during high school, it is to fulfill a graduation requirement rather than because of an intrinsic sense of civic duty. 

In order to save our youth, we should redefine achievement to include service, because it leads to connection, perspective and — most importantly — well-being. 

Read more.



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