Fordham GSE Ranks #7 Among Top Counseling Psychology PhD Programs ranks Fordham’s Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program #7 among Top Psy.D. and Ph.D. Programs in Counseling Psychology in the United States and Canada.

Congratulations to faculty, staff, students, and alumni for your dedication to academic excellence and experiential learning!

Dr. Merle Keitel, Training Director of
Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.

Our doctoral program in Counseling Psychology prepares psychologists in the scientist-practitioner model. Students gain expertise through coursework from diverse theoretical, clinical, and research perspectives and extensive supervised experiences.

The program encourages a growth-based approach to treatment emphasizing the uniqueness of each client.

Students are provided with ample opportunities in a supportive and stimulating environment to solidify their strengths; take developmental risks in learning; and build new competencies in various counseling settings. Our program allows flexibility in tailoring the program to meet students’ specific training needs and interests.

Graduates are prepared to function as general practitioners, academics, or to seek specialization through further study or supervised experience.

Counseling Psychology seeks to “promote and recognize outstanding achievement in counseling psychology education and industry.”

Part of the ranking system includes results on the EPPP licensing exam, which our students have a 94.12% pass rate. You can read more about the data and methodology for the rankings at the Counseling Psychology website.



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