Counseling and School Psychology News

Student and Faculty Publications

Fordham Graduate School of Education Yi Ding
Dr. Yi Ding

Educational Psychology student Jessica Williams co-authored a chapter with Dr. Fran Blumberg titled “Linkages between media literacy and children and adolescents’ susceptibility to advertising” in Children and advertising: New issues and new media (Palgrave-MacMillan.). Dr. Blumberg also co-edited this book.

Dr. Chun Zhang and Dr. Yi Ding, with co-authors, published an article, “A comparison of multiplication strategic development in low-achieving, average-achieving, and high-achieving students,” in the European Journal of Psychology of Education.

In press with Training and Education in Professional Psychology are study results co-authored by Counseling Psychology student Emma Fialkov, Dr. Margo Jackson and Dr. Mitch Rabinowitz called “Effects of experience and surface-level distraction on ability to perceive ethical issues.”

Dr. Margo Jackson published “Counseling older victims of ageism in the workplace” in  Encyclopedia of Social Work (Oxford Press).

The results of Educational Psychology alum Dr. Allison (Crerar) Johnson’s dissertation are in press, co-authored with Dr. Margo Jackson, Dr. Ed Selby, and Dr. John Houtz. The dissertation is titled “Predicting career interests from problem-solving style with high school students” in the International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity.

Alum, Student, and Faculty Presentations 

Fordham Graduate School of Education Akane Zusho
Dr. Akane Zusho

Dr. Heather Wynne (School Psychology alum), Dr. Karen Clayton (Educational Psychology alum), Dr. Abigail HarrisDr. Akane Zusho, and Dr. Anthony Cancelli co-presented the following posters at the 2014 American Psychological Association Annual Convention:

Dr. Akane Zusho has also been asked to deliver the keynote address at an upcoming conference “Engaging the extremes in the 21st Century: Supporting the motivation and learning of all students” at the the IAFOR North American Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences in Providence, RI.

Student Accomplishments 

Fordham Graduate School of Education Amelio D'Onofrio
Dr. Amelio D’Onofrio

Counseling Psychology doctoral student Jason Reynolds is a recipient of the 2014 Korean American Scholarship.

Congratulations to Counseling Psychology doctoral students Jane Berkman, Emma Fialkov, Josh Henderson, and Jason Reynolds, who are the recipients of the 2014 HRSA Structured Interventions Program (SIP) Grant!

In addition to receiving specialized training by Dr. Amelio D’Onofrio in the treatment of trauma in the child and adolescent population, the grantees will, in teams of two, be assigned to two inner-city schools in partnership with Fordham’s Center for Educational Partnerships where they will implement an assessment and treatment protocol developed by the SIP team.



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