Counseling and School Psychology Faculty Members to Present at The Florence Seminars

Faculty members Dr. Amelio D’Onofrio, Dr. Zszuzsa Kiraly, and Dr. Thanos Patelis, along with alumna Allison Ventura will present at The Second Annual Florence Seminars this July.

Seminar topics include

  • Cross-Battery Psychoeducational Assessment
  • DBT in Private Practice
  • Depth Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision
  • Research Summer Camp Intensive Seminar
  • Yoga and Mental Health

The Florence Seminars in Mental Health are weeklong workshops held in Florence, Italy, designed for individuals who desire to expand the scope of their clinical imagination and bring greater sophistication to their practice. The seminars are intended for mental health professionals who are committed to their life-long learning, who pursue excellence in their work, and who welcome the personal and professional transformation that can unfold from that learning. The educational mission of The Florence Seminars is to assist clinicians’ move from being helpers to becoming healers with increased grace, confidence, and effectiveness.

For further information, please visit The Florence Seminars website at:



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