PES Newsflash

The PES Newsflash is a weekly news roundup from the Counseling and Counseling Psychology and School Psychology departments.

Student Presentations

Master’s Counseling student Jane Y. Lipnitsky, in collaboration with Dr. Mariya (an assistant professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College), is pleased to announce that her proposal entitled “Autonomy Support and Hindrance in Immigrant Families from the Former Soviet Union” has been accepted to the 2015 Cultural Impact Conference at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology on February 13. Jane’s faculty sponsor at Fordham is Dr. Yi Ding.

Read the abstract.

Faculty Publications

Ding Y., & Zhang, D. (2014). Developmental and cultural perspectives of social and emotional development and its relation to school success. In C. Zhang, C. R. McCray, & S.-J. Cho (Eds.), Using positive behavioral supports for promoting school success from early childhood to high school for culturally and linguistically diverse students: Practices and policies (pp. 25-44). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Faculty Presentations

On January 16, Dr. Amelio D’Onofrio and Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiraly led a Report Writing Workshop for Counseling and School Psychology students. The workshop addressed all components of psychological report writing (referral, background information, behavior observation, data analysis as well as data integration). It was a great opportunity to help students fine-tune their writing skills!



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