Accreditation News

The Graduate School of Education is pleased to announce the recent national accreditation of its two master’s degree programs in counseling. Both the 60-credit School Counseling program and the 60-credit Mental Health Counseling program have received five-year (2015-2020) accreditations by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).

MPCAC is the first national accrediting body that demands excellence in training related to the core areas of social justice and neuroscience, two areas particularly consistent with Fordham University’s applied and scholarly mission.

MPCAC accreditation signifies that the Fordham master’s degree programs in counseling have demonstrated excellence in professional training in eleven core areas listed below:

  1. Professional Counselor Identity, Ethical Behavior, and Social Justice Practices
  2. Human Development and Wellness Across the Life Span
  3. Neuroscientific, Physical, and Biological Foundations of Human Development
  4. Ecological, Contextual, Multicultural, and Social Justice Foundations of Human Development
  5. Counseling, Consultation, and Social Justice Advocacy Theories and Skills
  6. Group Theory, Practice, and Social Justice Advocacy
  7. Career and Life Development
  8. Assessment of Human Behavior and Organizational/Community/Institutional Systems
  9. Tests and Measurements
  10. Traditional and Social Justice-Oriented Research and Evaluations
  11. Practicum/Internship Experiences

The counseling program’s core faculty and staff are listed below:


Left to Right: Amelio D’Onofrio, Joseph Ponterotto, Eric Chen, Jennie Park-Taylor, Mitchell Rabinowitz, Merle Keitel, Margo Jackson, Fran Blumberg, Elizabeth Casey




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