PES Newflash

The PES Newsflash is a weekly news roundup from the Counseling and Counseling Psychology and School Psychology departments.

Several students, faculty, and alumni participated in the Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education at Teachers College.

  • Community and public arena advocacy: Experiences, obstacles, and training recommendations
    Discussion presentation
    Baranowski, K., Bhattacharyya, S., Corrales, C., & Reynolds, J. D.
  • Fordham C.A.R.E.S. structured intervention program for inner city (NYC) students and parents exposed to chronic stress
    Poster presentation
    Reynolds, J. D., Henderson, J. M., Berkman, J., Fialkov, E., & D’Onofrio, A.
  • Power, multicultural competence, and trainees’ preparation for treating survivors of torture: A qualitative inquiry
    Poster presentation
    Harbaugh, J., Jackson, M., Ponterotto, J., & Kalayjian, A.


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